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Blinn College Lowers Their Cohort Default Rates Partnering With Student Connections

School Overview

Blinn College is a two-year institution based in Brenham, Texas. In addition to its Brenham location, Blinn has campuses in Bryan, Schulenburg and Sealy. Established in 1883, Blinn College offers academic transfer, workforce training and continuing education classes for approximately 19,000 students.

Products Used

Borrower Connect™ comprehensive service

Customer Since


“Having Borrower Connect is like adding a staff member that lets the rest of us take a completely hands-off approach. Student Connections is able to contact students at hours when we’re not in the office. And we receive monthly and quarterly reports that ensure we’re getting the results we want.”
– Brent Williford, Dean of Financial Aid and Scholarships, Blinn College


Staffing limitations and workloads prevented Blinn College from dedicating personnel to an aggressive focus on default management. Although Blinn’s historically high transfer rate contributes to default prevention, the school was experiencing an increasing trend in its cohort default rate (CDR), which reached 19.9 for the 2012 cohort.


Blinn College selected Borrower Connect because it was scalable to its budget and scope. Blinn has used Borrower Connect to take a turnkey approach to default prevention, including cohort analysis and strategic borrower outreach. At the same time, complete transparency into key performance indicators and CDR forecasting allow Blinn to monitor progress while preserving the option for Blinn staff members to “insource” tasks if feasible.


Since Blinn College began its partnership with Student Connections, in February 2015 (about seven months before the 2013 cohort closed), Blinn has enjoyed a significant downward trend in its CDR: